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Below table shows the Linux stable software release version and upcoming version.

Please contact with your sales window to get more release information(like the release note and related document) .

Product Line SDK Category Chip Stable release version Upcoming release version
STB RDK S905X4 RDK 5.2.0 RDK 5.2.1
S905C3 RDK 5.2.0 RDK 5.2.1
S905Y4 RDK 5.2.0 RDK 5.2.1
S805X2 RDK 5.2.0 RDK 5.2.1
Yocto-SDK S905X4 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
S905C3 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
S905Y4 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
S805C3 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
S805X2 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
Yocto-BSP S905Y4 2023.02 TBD
S905X4 2023.02 TBD
Zapper S805C1A 2023.08
S805C1 2023.09 2023.11
S905Y4 2023.04 N/A
TV RDK T962D4 RDK 5.2.0 RDK 5.2.1
T968D4 2023.05 TBD
T962X3 TBD
Yocto-SDK T962D4 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
T950D4 2211.LTS.4 2211.LTS.5
Yocto-BSP T962D4 2023.02 TBD
T950D4 2023.02 TBD
SmartHome SmartDisplay S905Y4 2023.07 2311.LTS
S905X4 2023.07 2311.LTS
A311D2 2023.07 2311.LTS
A311D 2023.07 2311.LTS
S905D3 2023.07 2311.LTS
Camera C308 2020.11
C305 2020.11
C302 C3.RC4 C3.RC5
Audio A113X/A113D V202307
A113L V202309
A113X2 V2023R1 V2023R2
A113L2 V202309 V202312